Exclusive Interview with a newborn photography artist – Sasha Chomakov

If you love newborn photography just like me, I am sure you will love reading this exclusive interview with Sasha Chomakov.

1. Introduce yourself.

newborn photography

Hi ! I am Sasha Chomakov  and I am a photographer. I was born in Bulgaria long time ago.

I’ve been in the USA for the last 19 years of my life  with my husband & son . Well, we also have 2 dogs. I am  a photographer who recently went full time into design of digital backgrounds for photographers.

2. Since how long have you been into this field?

I’ve grabbed the camera and have been drawing since 2011.

3. Your works are so beautiful! How do you get those ideas to create the artworks.

newborn photography baby relaxing in a boat with dolphins in the sea

Thank you very much!

I find the ideas all over the place, sometimes I dream of them.

There is no particular place for that.

4. Do you draw the background from scratch? Do you use any photos (or) references and photo-manipulate them?

Yes ! All is drawn from scratch. Some times, I use photos for reference but it is not for the entire picture . Usually a photo of an element like a bud  or a leaf from a different perspective.

Some times  I will shoot a photo of an element to use for reference. But in all my pictures, everything is drawn, no photos are involved.

I am not a professional artist. So, I am not  really good  with the perspective.

5. Your artworks are so cute. They are just perfect for story books for kids! How long does it take to complete a single artwork? Do you work on multiple projects simultaneously?

Yes I work on multiple projects. My work takes  somewhere from  20 to 60 or more hours depending on the project.

I am not a pro  artist and I think that is why, I draw and erase until I like it. Also my work is very detailed because a picture has to be composite over it.

If I don’t put lots of detail , the composite won’t look real.

6. What software and equipment do you use for your artworks and photography?

I draw on the computer because of the better quality. I use to do on paper earlier. But the grain looks too big if people print it. I can’t do layers.

I use tablet Intuos pro small.  I draw on Photoshop and my camera is Canon 5d mark 4.

7. I have seen very few artists who do photography as well as painting the background? Are you a self taught artist and photographer?

Yes! I am a self taught artist on both photography and drawings.

8. Choose any artworks you like from your portfolio and share why they are very special to you.

All my artworks are very special to me. I do not have any particular favorites.

9. Can you share any photography and painting tips for the readers?

I don’t have any tricks and tips. I would just say that you must always try!

If you don’t try, you never know if you can do it. I was intimidated by the big camera and was afraid to even touch it. Grab the pencil and draw. Search for some nice you-tube tutorials!

Don’t say, I can’t if you have never tried!

10. Anything else you want to share with our readers?

Just have a look at my website ! It will  convey you all about my works!


photographer sasha exclusive interview

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