man in beach splash water

Exclusive Interview with a beautiful artist Polina

1. Introduction about yourself.

Hi! My name is Polina and I am an artist from Slavutich, Ukraine.

I’m a big dreamer so ideas for the new art come to my mind daily. But I don’t have time to draw them all.
I am also deeply in love with coffee and fresh air – these things can cheer me up and motivate anytime and anywhere.

endless summer dolphins jumping in the water
Endless Summer by 1nfin1ty (Polina)


2. Can you tell us from when have you been working in this art field?

I’ve been drawing since the beginning of my life. But only started to draw in CG since 2015. So it’s only 4 years of practicing.

girl in red dress with magic sphere
Curse by 1nfin1ty (Polina)


3. Wow your cats are so cute! Can you share a step by step(tutorial) of any artwork of a cat from your gallery.

Really glad that you like my cat artworks! Here is a cat tutorial.

cat quick step by step_by_1nfin1ty

Here is the finished artwork of a cat.

Autumn mood by 1nfin1ty(Polina)


4. What software do you use for your artworks? How long do you work on completing one art. Do you work on multiple projects at a time?

I use Paint Tool SAI mostly, and sometimes Adobe Photoshop. Time of drawing depends on what the artwork contains. For example, cats can take from 2 to 5 hours in total. Landscapes take around 2-5 hours too. People can take from 4 hours (portraits) to 15 hours (full-body artworks). Sometimes I like to work on multiple projects at a same time – switching between them helps not to lose interest in one project, especially if it takes too long to finish it. 

self portrait
Create a beautiful dreamy girl photo manipulation using Photoshop – Exclusive tutorial

5. Can you share your favorite artworks from your gallery. Any special reason you created it?

The works shown below are some of my favorites.

man in beach splash water
girl in sunset
music celebrity

They were drawn under the influence of a pure inspiration. I enjoyed creating them a lot. 

I think these pieces show the best sides of my skill. Hope you enjoy them too! 🙂

6. This work of yours is so amazing! It looks so real. Can you share anything about it.

Glad you like it! Well, I do like the color palette in this drawing. I also combined my favorite things in the artwork – dogs, bubbles and sunset. So drawing this was real fun! 

dog painting sunset


7. From where do you get your inspiration from? Any favorite artists you admire?

I can get inspired literally by everything! From seas and mountains to animals and little flowers, and also sunsets and sunrises. I know that many artists are inspired by music but for me music is a big motivation and mood creator, not an inspirational factor and that’s interesting. I get inspired by something first and then choose the right song which helps me work. 🙂
My favorite artists are Apofiss, Ayyasap, Viccolatte and Atey Ghalian. I also love comics made by Sarah Andersen and Cassandra Calin. 


8. Anything else you want to share with our readers?

Well, a big thanks to everybody who have read the whole interview and now reading this! 🙂

If some beginner artists are reading this – I strongly advise you to continue drawing and believe in yourself. Thank you for your attention and have a nice day!


interview with polina

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