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Exclusive Interview with an amazing artist BLUR

1. Hi Blur. Welcome to Photoshopinspire! Tell us something about yourself.

A: Hi, Nisha! Thanks for interviewing and welcoming me to your creative site. Nothing fancy about me. I’m just an artist who tried to become a better person through my arts. I love nature, painting, reading, classical and trance music, much more to list but above that all I love Jesus. I’m still single and open if anyone wants to be my double. What did I say? Lol. One thing I want to share, currently I’ve a hard time while trying to answer this interview. I have to face my aunt dying in my house, my family is on a grave sorrow, but we do our best to take care of her and have strength to carry on as a little family.


2. You have an amazing portfolio! Are you a self-taught artist or did you learn in some arts college?

A: I’m a self-taught artist who tried to survive this world. If I may be so bold to share my life, I graduated from Design University where I lived, but my arts didn’t really have an improvement from what I’ve been learning from. I appreciated where God lead me the way I am and start learning by myself and of course with the help of everyone around me; parents and my best friend.

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3. From where do you get your inspiration? Do you have any favorite artist in particular?

A: My inspirations come from many things, frankly sometimes it suddenly popped while I was taking my time at the bathroom. The funny way, the imaginations came while I’m listening to the preacher at my church. I have a lot of favorite artists, to begin with is my first ‘teacher’; Kekai Kotaki, Raymond Swanland and Per Haagensen. But my all-time favorite traditional painter is none other than; John Howe.

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4. What software do you use for your works? Is it only Photoshop or you use any other software like Corel draw?

A: I used variant of software. My best one so far is PaintTool SAI. Then Photoshop is always my good old mate. Cinema 4D, Modo and ZBrush is my best friends for my 3D arts. For enhance my images, I occasionally use Lightroom and After Effects. I was trying the other digital painting tools like Corel Painter, but I don’t really like things so complicated imo.

5. Your drawing skills are amazing! Share some tips for the readers.

A: I’m really not that amazing. It’s God that so amazing to me. My tips are simple, if you do want to take a class in art. DO it, it’s good for your future. If you’re not having enough time or money to spend, read or borrow some books of anatomy drawing and such, then start to draw it as much as you can. Don’t be shy to share your arts to others since they will make you improve though you’re not really aware of it.

flower digital painting

6. Which one do you think is your best works till now?

A: I think it’s the latest scene I created that got me at the first rank on Pxleyes Photoshop Tournament Round 3: Friend in Every Season. That’s because I pushed my personality limits to achieve something big (a detailed scenery with characters and story-telling inside it) with a just little amount of time.


7. What advice would you love to give to the beginners who are new to Photoshop.

A: I used my self-motivated advice; Photoshop (and the others) JUST A TOOL. The greatest images didn’t come from the high-end software or hardware. Learn from artists around you (you can see some help from YouTube and CG forums or Pxleyes to begin with) or anything around you; to be simple, learn from NATURES. Start drawing with your traditional skills; don’t leap into digital unless you really know your true capacity. Don’t hesitate to share your arts to others then improve from their constructive criticisms. Last but not least; always have hope, faith and love to your own arts.


A little gift Blur made for me. Isn’t it cool?  Thank you Blur! 😀

3D render Nisha Gandhi


Nisha, Thank you very much for your nice talking and time to spend with me. All the best and God Bless You.

5 thoughts on “Exclusive Interview with an amazing artist BLUR”

  1. Hi there, I’m blur myself. Nisha, thank you very much for your NICE interview. It’s very kind of you and also it gave me spirits to carry on my life.

    But today, at 17th April 10:10 AM… I’ve lost my beloved aunt. I knew she’s on Heaven now with Lord, with Jesus and angels, and she’s become angel herself. Still I cried pretty hard today, it’s like one liter of tears weren’t enough to heal my losing feeling of her. I just want to share my feelings as I always shared my joy of arts and carried passion through it.

    Now I’ve got only my mom and dad in my tiny little house. I will protect their smiles with my talent, my arts, my life. I’m not trying to be a hypocrite or anything. I may have some mistakes in my life, a lot of mistakes I admit. But I’m trying to be a better person, better artist for everyone else. And I hope someday I’ll become a God’s servant through my talents and make lot of children happy with my own graphic novel.

    Well… I’m sorry I’m telling all of this. I don’t have any strength left to draw today… Writing into this blog is all I can do after seeing my aunt at the funeral home and the coffin was closed.

    Hope you don’t mind, Nisha. And once again, thank you very much for your time, for everything great you did to me. Best wishes and God Bless You.

  2. I agree Nisha, Blur is a great artist, one of the best from PXLeyes… I’m too proud to be in a contest with him.
    Nice to meet you (more!), Blur!
    Thanks for sharing, Nisha!

  3. I am so sorry to hear about ur aunt Blur! Hope u have the courage and strength to face such times! Looking for more of ur works! Hope u will inspire us with ur amazing works as always! God Bless! 🙂

  4. Thanks a lot Daniela! I am in love with Blur’s work ! Thats the reason I did an interview with him! This is the first interview on my blog! Glad u loved it! 🙂

  5. Blessings to you, Blur. Losing a beloved one is so hard. We never really get over it – we just learn to place them and keep them in our hearts. Your art is definitely beautiful! Your aunt is so proud, as are your folks. Sometimes, it is just hard to show one’s emotions.

    As for this site and the tutorials – WOW! This place is ‘right up my alley’ as they say. I’m into digi-art and photomanips myself. I plan on trying “Scream” later.

    Thank you for a nice interview. Interesting!


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