two beautiful birds

Exclusive Interview with an amazing digital artist Cornelia Mladenova

1. Hi Cornelia! Welcome to PhotoshopInspire! Tell us something about yourself.

I am a 41-year-old mother of two beautiful girls. Work part-time as an administrator in an engineering company. Love graphic design and digital art and my passion is to create art in my free time.

magical fan by cornelia


2. Your portfolio is amazing! You have both drawing and photoshop skills! How do you work on a piece of art? Do you use any particular method?

Frankly speaking I don’t think I am that good at drawing. But I am trying to compensate for it by widely using the Warp Tool in Adobe Photoshop. When I am trying to create some object, firstly make its base shape by warping then start to add various colorful elements until the end result satisfies me. In order to create volume and multicolored effects, I use Blending Options, especially Bevel and Emboss and Satin.

As for Adobe Illustrator, my favourites are Pen Tool and Direct Selection Tool. I often use also Distort and Transform option from the Effects menu.

beautiful bird graphic design in a forest

3. Which software do you mostly use?

I prefer Adobe Photoshop, but also use Illustrator, In Design and CorelDraw.

curious cute alien

4. From where do you get your inspiration? Do u have any favorite artists?

I love the works of our PxlEyes stars- Spaceranger, Drivenslush, Lchappell, Wazowsky, Nisha Gandhi, Artgirl1935, Karaflazz, Loopyluv, Hereisanoop, Nasirkhan, George55 and many others.

beautiful bird illustration with flowers

5. Which one is your favorite works from your portfolio? Do you have any story behind any artwork which is close to your heart?

My personal favourite is my image named Solitude. Created that entry for Pxleyes Kitchen View contest. You can see it here.

lonely dragon fantasy

It shows a chained reptile like creature which looks really lonesome and unhappy. When I was creating that entry,  I was thinking for a certain period of my life when I was still in my native Bulgaria.

6. Would you like to say something to our readers.

I have only one tip for the beginners. If they hesitate what graphic design program to choose for a start, better to commence with photoshopping. Photoshop is easier and more intuitive in comparison with the other programs. After they reach perfection in Adobe Photoshop, it will be easier to master another programs, such as Illustrator etc.

two beautiful birds

You can check Cornelia’s gallery here on DEVIANTART

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