How to create a magical fantasy baby photo manipulation in Photoshop – Exclusive tutorial

Learn how to create a magical fantasy photo manipulation of a baby touching an aquarium of fish using Photoshop. In this tutorial we will be converting an ordinary image of a baby touching a window to a magical fantasy fish scenery with the baby of course 🙂
In this tutorial we will use masking, photo filters and we will also see how to use brushes to make our image a beautiful one!
Photoshop baby kids toddlers blue fish touch tiny small


The deep stock 6 by  Random-Acts-Stock


Space brushes

Step 1:

Open the baby image in Photoshop. I have used Photoshop Cs5 for creating this image.

baby image touching the window

Step 2:

Using a selection tool of your choice select the window in the baby image. Since we do not require it, we will  remove it from our image. I used the pen tool to select the window. Using layer masking method remove the window.

window removed

Step 3:

Open the fish background image in our document. Please note that the fish background layer is below the baby layer.  Its indicated by arrows below.

fish background aquarium

Step 4:

Now with the baby layer selected, go to image>adjustments>match color. This step is required to match the color of the baby image with the fish background.

Now apply the settings of match color as shown below.

Make sure that the ‘source’ which you see in the screenshot below is set to your baby image. The ‘layer’ as shown below is set to the fish background.


Step 5:

Now load the space brushes which you have downloaded. Now using white color, select the star dust brushes and paint on the image. You will get the below image.

Make sure that you create a new layer above the fish background layer and paint the stars dust brushes. This will help you to make any corrections if any.


Step 6:

Paint more stars dust near the hand as shown. You can note that I have created a new layer for this above the stars dust layer.


Step 7:

Create a new layer again. Add highlights to the fish background image using a white brush of low opacity. Note that this layer’s mode is set to soft light as shown below.


Step 8:

Create a new layer to add highlights to the baby near his face and pants. This step is done in a similar way as above step. Set this layer’s mode to soft light again.


Step 9:

Create a new layer. Add shadows to the baby image using a black brush of low opacity. Set the layer’s mode to soft light. This darkens the image.


Step 10:

Apply photo filter. The setting are as shown below.


Step 11:

Apply vibrance. The settings are as shown below.



This is the final image we get. Hope you enjoyed reading this tutorial.


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