Exclusive Interview with a cute digital artist – Tsaoshin-Eric Proctor

1. Introduce yourself

   I’m Eric Proctor also known as TsaoShin. I’m a digital painter with a traditional oil painting background who loves painting fandom, fantasy, and cute themes.

 jammy jam party this time with Toothless and Pikachu!

2. Are you a professional artist or is it your hobby?

    I work professionally as a conceptual illustrator but the work I do in the day is non-disclosure so I don’t share it. The work you see in my gallery is the illustrative work I do as a hobby.

 a fox, lion, turtle creature

3. You have huge range of artworks. How long does it take to finish one artwork?

     It generally takes anywhere between an hour to 20 hours to finish my artwork and it all depends on how complex it is. Sometimes I get lost in the larger paintings and they will take me much longer since I’m detailing quite a bit more in them.

How to Train Your Dragon...The Wind Waker! Toothless boat is best boat

4. Its very difficult for me to select one best piece of work, As all your works are so nice and well done. Can you show one work which is close to your heart?

    Thank you so much! If I have to pick one that’s near and dear to me, it’d probably be this one:

Stitch and Toothless having a jammy jam

I like this particular piece because it has my favorite characters in it and it has reached so many people who also love it. It makes me happy to know that the drawing has touched so many people’s lives.

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5. What techniques are used in your works?

     Since my background is in oil painting, a lot of the techniques I use in digital painting emulate the process I would use traditionally. I like to keep my brush work loose in the edges and in the background. I try to not over render any particular piece and I also use very saturated “out of the tube” colors in my work.

Created in Adobe Photoshop CS4. Toothless, Hiccup and How To Train Your Dragon are © Dreamworks.

6. I see that you do commissions works too. How much time do you spend on one commission?

    Commissions are something I spend much more time on. This is mostly because I’m constantly in contact with my client to make sure that they are involved in every step of the workflow. I try to make sure that they are getting exactly what they wanted in the end result.

Grumpy Cat is doing us a favor here because I like Beast before he turns back into that mega weird looking Prince Adam. Thank you, Grumpy Cat and your cold kitty heart.

7. Anything else you want to share with the readers?

    Check out my videos on YouTube! I walk through a lot of my process with a little bit of humor and entertainment in our Backseat Drawing series.

tiger in the night moon light

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