somewhere in space by Daniela

Exclusive Interview with an amazing photo manipulation artist – Daniela Xavier Owergoor

1. Hi Daniela! Welcome to PhotoshopInspire! Tell us something about yourself!
Well, I’m Brazilian, I began to manipulate images since 2005. Nothing serious, I just doing favors for friends, creating cards, retouching skin, all work was very simple and I think poorly done! 
somewhere in space by Daniela

When I discovered the world of digital art, such as photo manipulation, I immersed myself in this world, was all that was missing in my life. 
Photo manipulation to me, is the ability to turn dreams and imagination in “reality”. This is my life now!


2. You have some amazing works in your portfolio! Most of them are photo manipulations! How long does it actually take u to complete a piece of artwork?

That depends on many factors. Since my free time, until my inspiration. But most of them depend on my same inspiration. 

I have work that envisioned in my mind and the next day I started to create.These works which I am creating only with my mind, before putting into practice may take up to two days, because after 5 hours in an image, I start to get tired and need to stop.

These two works Seeking Life and Control your Mind that were idealized and took two days to create: 

seeking life by DXPO

control your mind by DXPO

This one took 10 hours:

the unknown by daniela

But most of my work leading from 3-6 hours. I usually divide the hours in one day.

3. There is a particular dreamy effect in all your photo manipulations! There are just awesome! Do you use any particular technique while working on your photo manipulations?

Well, I never understood when people say things like “there is a kind of dreamy effect on your work”, or “what effect you use to make pictures like that?”. 

heaven's gate by DXPO

Sorry guys, but I never understood that. The only filters that I use are the same that the PS offers me, do not use external plugins or actions. Each new art I try to use different blends, different colors. 

I use and abuse of tools like Adjustments Layers. My favorite filters are the “package” Sharpen, “package” Blur and Diffuse Glow. That’s it! I have no secret!!!


4. Daniela, besides graphics what are your hobbies?

 Well, I’d say Photo manipulation is my biggest hobby. There is no other. 

But there are things I love to do in my life, I enjoy reading, I love watching movies and series, and I usually go to the cinema at least once a week and had weeks where I went 3 times! 

I like traveling, I like to walk and look at things, I live in a port city, my house stays a few minutes from the port and I can go walking there. This is priceless!  

Finally, it ends up being a lot of inspiration for my main hobby, because I love maritime themes, boats and ships, and this work I did thinking in ships that are berthed at the port of my city: 

dead ship photo manipulation by DXPO

5. How do u get inspired? Do you have any favorite artist in particular?

Anything can inspire me! The sky waiting for a storm, a cobblestone street, a movie scene, a monument, an animal, anything. Caught something material and simply add to my feelings at the moment. This is my personal “blend mode”!!

peace by Daniela

Talking about artists is difficult for me! I could give you a list. If I were the kind of artist who had only one style, I’ll know exactly what kind of artist to have as an ideal. But I’m “multi”,  I carry many styles of art, so I have not an artist defined as a “favorite”, I have several favorite artists!!! 

But I’ll show one of them, much as it delights me, he is a humble person and always attentive. His name is Andrey, from Russia, known as InObrAS  . His gallery is it the kind of breathtaking. I love all his works.

 Here in Brazil, when I was starting, I had a great inspiration/help, and even today this artist inspires me, his name is Luis Alberto and is a great digital artist.

As I can always count on the inspiration and assistance for part of this fantastic Brazilian artist named Paulo Bert

Best I do not extend more!

6. What advice would you love to give to the readers?

Never give up, never go back. No matter what they say, first make art for you. If you don’t know something, get help, always have someone who will help you. Just don’t give up because you think you know less than others. Be happy!

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