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Exclusive Interview with a lovely photo manipulation artist – Naouri Redouane

Today we have a lovely artist with us. He has given an exclusive interview for our blog! Read on to know more about him.

1. Introduce yourself. 

My name is Naouri Redouane. I am 19 years old. I live in Algeria , and I am a college student .

something fantasy

2. From how long are you working in this field? 

I have been working on this field for three years.

zombies buildings on fire

3. Your work destruction is so stunning! How long did you work on this image? What techniques were used for this one?

destruction fire end of world

Thank you so much , I worked on  Destruction  for 6 hours. I used a lot of techniques like –  color channels masking , dodge & Burn , Sharpen , shadows with tilt-shift blur and making brush textures from objects.

4. Do you do only photo manipulations? Do you create digital paintings as well?

I do vector art and cartoon and graphic design. I am also planning to do digital painting soon, Once i get the equipment to do it. In fact I am using Photo manipulation as a way to practice on digital painting.

girl with violin

5. What software do you use mostly for your work?

Currently, I am using Adobe Photoshop CC 2018©.


6. Do you have any of your favorite artworks from your portfolio? 

I have some artworks, I am proud of making:


old man writing a letter

Few steps to Hang-Zhou 

Warm Place

skull snow

Walk through the dust

fox forest magical

Inner peace

monk meditation


train station platform girl lonely

 7. What kind of projects do you work on mostly? I mean fantasy, landscape , matte paintings or such?

boat dolphin water

Actually it’s a coincidence that you mentioned those 3 types of art because, Mostly I work on making Fantasy landscapes scenes using matte painting style.

8. Which new skills are you working on currently? Are you learning some new software or new techniques ?

boy walking on a wrong path

Currently I am not working on any new skills. But I am planning to learn how to use the Graphics Tablet and creating 3D objects with Blender© (or) ZBrush© .

9. What software you wish to learn in the future? Any reasons behind it?

depression girl

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I want to learn how to make 3D objects with ZBrush© software because searching for the perfect stocks is the biggest obstacle for me. Sometimes I give up on making projects just because I couldn’t find the right stock image. So I want to make my own objects and put it the way I want & that will take my works to the next level.

10. Anything else you would like to share with the readers?

shark fun image


25 Best Underwater Inspiration -Digital art – Special features

If anybody wants to learn how to make these kind of artworks and don’t know how to start, Let me tell you it’s not that hard. Just learn the basics first. Before you do anything , watch Youtube. There are a lot of good channels like ” PixImperfect , Nemanja Sekulic , Photoshop Training Channel “.
After you learn the basics, go and test yourself by watching speed art videos. If you feel that the videos are too fast and you are not able to learn from them, it means that you didn’t learn the basics well.
If you can learn from speed arts videos then you know you are ready to create some amazing artworks.



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