dragon and girl painting

Exclusive Interview with a beautiful digital artist Helga-helleborus

1. Introduce yourself.
My name is Olga. On the web I go under the name of Helga Helleborus. I live in Russia.

Wild moon photo manipulation fantasy
Wild Moon

2. Your work is so beautiful and magical. Which software do you use for your work.
I work with Adobe Photoshop CS3.

Music of spheres
Music of spheres

3. This One is very well done. At first sight I thought it’s a digital painting. But it’s a photo manipulation. How do you achieve the painting effect in your work. Can you tell us which tools were used for retouching this image?

I draw a lot in my photo manipulations. Drawing details can take hours. This is the reason why it looks like a drawing.

4.How much time do you spend on a project.

On average it takes two weeks.

5. From where do you get the inspiration? Any favorite artists?
I have got favorite artists, but nowadays I look at their work from a distance. Our worlds are way too different. It is better for them not to collide.

My inspiration comes from within me. I do not have to search for it because life itself is my inspiration. There is a lot of unfulfilled ideas, that is why I need more time out of my schedule, or at least a part of it.

6. Do you do photo manipulations only or do you do digital painting as well? If yes can you share some tips on digital painting?
I also draw traditional and digital paintings. You get one tip from me – spend a lot of time learning the theory and practice. Only this way you can learn to do something.

dragon and girl painting

7.Any advice for the readers who are new to Photo manipulations ??
For those, who use art to express themselves, I can only wish them one thing – to find their own way and to do what they want to, because we first of all make art for our own pleasure.


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