Best Digital Online Security Essentials

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In this digital world, online security is one thing everyone must really learn about. In this post we have featured some best security essentials which are needed in everyday life.

1. Work from home via secured connection with free trial of Namecheap VPN!

Enjoy safe and private access to the Internet while protecting your Wi-Fi network. Secure all your devices so you can work, stream and play games, and browse online without limitations.

  • Security and Privacy: Keep your data safe from hackers and trackers.
  • Hide Your IP Address: Browse the Internet and stay anonymous with a virtual IP address.
  • No Logs: No tracking, collecting, or sharing what you do online.
  • Unblock Websites: Access your favorite entertainment from anywhere.
  • Unlimited Devices and Bandwidth: Protect all your devices at once and free yourself of restrictive data caps.
  • 24/7 Customer Support

2. Flat 10% off on SiteLock Security

Sitelock is easy, economical and effective.

Automatically Prevents Attacks

SiteLock monitors your website 24×7 for vulnerabilities and attacks, which means you can worry less about your website and more about your business.

Boosts Customer Trust

Over 70% Customers look for a sign of security before providing personal details online. The SiteLock Trust Seal not only re-assures customers but also boosts sales.

Starts Working Instantly

You don’t need technical expertise to install and set up SiteLock for your website. SiteLock is cloud-based and starts scanning your website and email instantly.

3. iThemesSecurity Pro : The Best WordPress Security Plugin to
Secure & Protect WordPress

You shouldn’t have to be a security professional to use a security plugin, so iThemes Security Pro makes it easy to secure & protect your WordPress website.

 iThemes Security Pro takes the guesswork out of WordPress security.

Your WordPress website needs a WordPress security strategy that includes a trusted WordPress security plugin like iThemes Security Pro.

Make sure your WordPress website is secure and protected with iThemes Security Pro.

iThemesSecurity Pro works to fix common WordPress security issues.


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