Mother’s day Photoshop tutorial

64758_1751-mothers-day-2012 small

Mother’s Day is a celebration honoring mothers and celebrating motherhood, maternal bonds and the influence of mothers in society. You can always give a gift for mom. There is no special occasion for it though. Isn’t it?? We will learn … Continue reading

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Girl in love photomanipulation – Photoshop tutorial

MY TUTORIAL IS FEATURED ON SHADOWNESS In this Photoshop Tutorial we will combine several images together to make a beautiful manipulation. The story of this art is the girl is searching for her love in heavenly skies. The girl will be painted in photoshop. You will need a wacom tablet for this work. Working with a wacom will see more……

girl in love photomanipulation by nisha gandhi


Create a beautiful dreamy effect in photoshop

My tutorial is featured on Shadowness

My work is featured in ABDUZEEDO

In this tutorial, we will be taking an ordinary photo and converting it to a more dreamy one. This is a beginners tutorial. I have used photoshop cs5. READ MORE

create a beautiful dreamy effect using photoshop cs5
Beautiful dreamy effect