Inspirational art 39 – Animals in action

During childhood days we often loved the cartoons where animals were in action.

Some of the cartoons like Bugs bunny, Tom & Jerry, Aladdin, Scooby – Doo, The Jungle book were always fun to watch.

This post features some best artworks where the animals are in action.

 visual development for animation and childrens books cat city envy jealous kitty night photographer paparazzi This is a painting I had stuck in my head for a while (after watching Avatar) but only recently was able to find some time to paint it. The story is it's a creature that rides a 'squirrel-like' animal and gathers mushrooms for magic potions. This is my submission to the RARE2013 Anthro Calendar. This 12-month calendar explores some of the colors, flavors and traditions of the world. My theme was obviously "Oriental" fan art wallpaper games This is my contribution to the Anthro Calendar 2010 (unfortunately there is no website yet). The theme is "unusual anthros" and I chose the okapi, inhabitant of the congolese rainforest in Africa My entry into RARE 2010: The Unusual Anthro Calendar which depicts some of the less common species of anthros. Our website is under construction, but feel free to visit it anyway bunnies This is my final design of the Dormouse for Tim Burton's "Alice in Wonderland". I highly recommend the Art of Alice book "Alice in Wonderland: A Visual Companion", it's 256 pages packed with concept art and behind the scenes photos from the movie. Cheating Cheetah card for the Catamancer TCG by Frostbolt Games. Look how sneaky he thinks he is!

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  • These are such spectacular drawings! I’ve always been a fan of animals.

  • Oh how I remember Tom & Jerry, it was my favourite cartoon. Love these artwork too very unique and captured well.

  • Jessica Taylor

    These are adorable animations! I especially love the cat!

  • I really love all the animal creations. I’d love to learn to do stuff like this!

  • Heather @ Kraus House Mom

    These are amazing. I love pictures of animals, they all look so life like.

  • Jen At Dapperhouse

    (Tom & Jerry has been my favorite since I was young.) These pics are gorgeous and my favorite here is the Dormouse from Alice.

  • Wow, this is a spectacular selection of artworks. I hope I get to see more of it!


    Really nice! Did you create these?

    • admin

      Nope I didn’t create. These are created by others and the artists are notified about their features. If you click each work you can see who created each work 🙂

  • Very nice selection! I’m always impressed by those who can create these things from scratch.

  • Lynnette Joselly

    My favorite one would have to the cat with the camera. 🙂

  • Siti Aana

    Oh wow. All photos look great but my favorite is Panda 😀

  • Ophelia Tang

    These pictures are great. They are so cute and beautifully drawn. Thanks for sharing.

  • The artwork looks great! Such talented artists! Thanks for sharing!

  • Ashlea

    These pieces of art look great. My son would especially love the panda bear one.