Inspirational art – 2

Every week we feature some of the best artworks on Photoshop Inspire. You can find the featured inspirational art here.

Last week, I had published a post INSPIRATIONAL ART of some of my favorite artists. The response was really amazing. I am so glad that u liked my post.

So this week again, I am going to feature some more talented artists. 

I think you must not miss looking at this! Share with your artist friends and inspire them! Be sure to bookmark this post for future reference!

If you want to see your work featured, You can join our deviantart group here.

  • Thank you Nisha for including my work here, I’m flattered ^^

    • u r welcome Minh!! well I am always flattered by ur work 😉 its just amazing and congrats! 😀

  • nek

    thanks a lottt nisha !!! :))

    • u r welcome Nikhil!! I love ur work!! 🙂 😀

  • Niharika

    thanks a lot Nisha….. <3

    • U r welcome Niharika!! 🙂 😀

  • dekwid

    oh..thanks alot Nisha,…I am honored….very nice blog….

    • u r welcome Dek Wid!!! 🙂 and thank u!!

  • ohh Thanks a lot..Nisshhha Gandhiiii..:) 😀

    • u r welcome Shesh!! 😀

  • Hey Nisha, what a surprise! I’m very happy for it, thanks so much! 😀

    • u r welcome Jenny!!! 🙂 😀


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