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Few tips to start freelancing

If you are new to freelancing, then this article is for you.

When you are new to freelancing, you may not have an idea how to start freelance work.

In this article I would suggest a few tips to become a successful freelancer.

SKILLS: Make a list of your skills you can do. If you are interested in photo manipulations, make sure you are good at it. If not, try to improve your photo manipulation skills. Similarly try developing your skills in at least 3-4 fields you are interested in. For instance, If you love graphic designing area–you could try your hand in logo design, vectors and digital paintings. If you are a beginner it may be difficult to learn many things, but trust me the more skills you learn –the more freelance works you get.

BLOG: Add your works in a blog. There are many free blogs to start with BLOGGER and wordpress. Make sure that you add only your best works. Always be updated with your blog as people come back for more.

PROMOTE YOUR BLOG: Now that you have created your blog, its time for some promotion. 🙂

Just add your blog link in art websites as in deviantart. You can use your blog link as a signature in e-mails and forums.

There are many sites where you can add your works and ask for feedback from people. Some of the sites are DEVIANTARTBEHANCE.NET, REDBUBBLE to name a few. Also you could create a Facebook fan page to promote your work.

You could also participate in contests if you interested in graphics area. Some of the sites are PXLEYES, 99DESIGNS and there are many more such sites.

One last thing I would say is, do your best and be creative!

I hope you enjoyed reading!