Exclusive Interview with a fabulous photographer- Liancary-art- Lia

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1. Introduce yourself.

My name is Lia , I’m 23 years old and live in Germany.
Besides loving photography and Photoshop – I am a crazy cat addict.

cosplay costume beauty angel dark portraits elegant

I also like video games, dragons, game of thrones and Disney movies! 😀

2. Your photography is amazing. Can you tell us how did you start your photography.
Is it your profession or a hobby?

Thank you very much, really appreciate it!
I started photography four years ago and after I had the opportunity to assist the well-known photographer Von Wong  at an impressive cave photo shooting in 2014, I’ve got really inspired and decided to give my vision a chance.

full moon saga
I organised my first photo shootings with female friends in simple dresses and only a short time later, my photos were well received in the web.
I then was able to work together with jewelry,- and costume designers and models around Europe. I’ve met many wonderful people through photography, of which I can call many my friends now.
And for a year now I work in photography in part time, while I do a training as foreign language correspondent.
I’m really, really happy that photography found it’s way to me !

3. What equipment do you use to shoot your photographs? I mean which camera and all?

I use a Canon 6d with the 50 mm 1.8 lens! I really love that little, cheap lens. It’s all what you need!

Since I only work with natural light, I don’t need flashes or something else.

4. You do digital paintings too? If so since how long have you been in this field?

Yes, I do digital painting, but very rarely. I’m not very good at it,- or I’ll have to do about 100 trials until I’m satisfied.
But it’s very special and soothing, and you have more opportunities than in photography. The possibilities of photography are limited. In painting, you can do anything you have in mind.

wolf lost way snow winter
That’s exact the thing why I also love compositions and photomanipulations, with Photoshop we have a lot more options!

5. I see that you have some photo manipulations in your portfolio! I have seen very few photographers who do all like digital painting,photography and photo manipulations. How do you give time doing all the above?

Difficult questions! I wish I could paint and do photo manipulations as much as I wish to. But there is never enough time, because photography is already very time consuming and then I really like
video games so, yeah, not much time left.

robot girl sci fi futuristic

I paint every couple of months, maybe… and when I have a really nice idea for a composition then I do it too, of course..but I could practice more if the days were longer !

6. Anything else you want to share with our readers?

 Always love what you do. If you don’t love it anymore, throw it away and do something new what makes you happy.