Exclusive interview with a fantastic digital artist – Paulo-Bert

1. Hello. Welcome to Photoshop Inspire. Introduce yourself.

A)  My name is Paul Bert, born and living in Rio de Janeiro – Brazil, working with photoshop 7 years ago.

fantasy landscape surreal photo manipulation

2. You have a lovely portfolio. Are you a professional artist or is it just your hobby?

A)  Overall my work is a form of hobby, but arise professional jobs or people interested in some cover design.

sci fi photo manipulation car crime scene

3. Your works are mostly photo manipulations!! How long does it take to complete a single piece of work / photo manipulation?

A)  When I was younger, I made a manipulation in one day, now I feel more tired today – long enough in a project, it sometimes takes months.

fantasy moon girl tree

4. From where do you get your ideas for your artwork? Do you have any favorite artist ??

A)  I have ideas of my mind, I think or imagine a scene. Then I try to put it into practice, which sometimes does not work and the idea is not going forward.

sci fi photo manipulation
I have favorite artists, like to observe many Brazilian and international artists.

5. Which work of yours is your personal favorite and any special reason behind making that art?

A)  My first Daily on deviantart, Wendy Dreams, it was a job that I enjoyed doing.

surreal photo manipulation
6. What advice would you like to give to our readers who are new to this digital field.

A)  Observe, study and practice, if one does not learn in any school specialized, then try to learn for yourself.

fantasy dream world mushroom