Exclusive Interview with a beautiful digital artist – Aquasixio – Cyril Rolando

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1. Introduce yourself. Are you a professional artist?

My name is Cyril ROLANDO, I am 32, I live in the southern France.

desert moon night talk
I am married and I have a daughter. I work as a psychologist and expert for court.
I am not a professional artist, I just have fun painting on Photoshop since more than 14 years now !

2. Describe your creative process.
I like playing with absurd universe, in a otherworldly vision of the human emotions.

scorpio zodiac signs
I  work with contrast colors and I like to add a lot of details.

3. How long do you work on a single project? Do you work on one project at a time or do you work on multiple projects at a time?

dreams water ocean car cycle balloons
Since the past few years it has been really hard to give time to drawing/painting.

Usually, I need around 3 weeks to do one painting, which demands… maybe 15 hours of work .

4. Can you show some of your favorite works from your portfolio? How are they special to you?
I would say « Save Our Souls » is my favorite artwork because I drew it in 2005, while I started my psychology study.

boy floating on the ocean
This artwork reminds me that, you can’t help someone if you need help for yourself.

5.Can you show us an insight of any work you love. I mean the step by step or the techniques used in the completion of a work you love?
I  make some videos to show the making off of my artworks.

( Youtube channel : HERE)


 I publish the WIPs of my artwork : HERE
I present a lot of ways to understand how I process.

There are some tutorials too : HERE

6.Anything else you would love to share with the readers?

I would love to share. But I am sorry of being so shy and busy, because I don’t really invest time for my artistic popularity.

man swimming in water
But, I feel really uncomfortable with the world of art. That’s why I’d rather keep art as a hobby !


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