Exclusive interview with a beautiful digital artist – Amber-“SummerDreams-Art”

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In this post we have a beautiful digital artist with us!

1. Introduce yourself!

A)  My name is Amber. Along with being an artist I am a Freelance writer as well, currently based in Dubai, UAE.

beautiful digital countryside departure emotional girl journey leaving lonely manipulation

Home is Behind

2. Are you a professional artist or is it your hobby?

A)  Creating artworks is mainly a hobby but I have also done a few commission tutorials. So, I would say that I am a professional hobbyist.

chained dark death evil fantasy manipulation skulls wings beautiful digital

Death beneath my wings

3. Your work ” Two to Tango
    This is amazing and so fantastic! How long did it take to work on this particular image?

A) Thank you for the compliment, though I feel that’s it’s one of my most simple works and didn’t take much time, approximately about 2 hours/3 days.

couple emotional light manipulation tango rain conceptual beautiful digital

Two to Tango

How to Create Rain using Photoshop in 7 easy steps

4. Which work of yours is your personal favorite? Any special reason behind making it?

A) Now that’s a pretty tough question because honestly I love almost all of my artworks considering that each one of them are a visual interpretation of my emotions and feelings.

But I think I will vouch of for this one:

photo manipulation bottle dream landscape magical moon conceptual

Bottled dream

All the works I’ve created have special reasons behind them. And not only that but also because this one took a lot of time & efforts and I must say that this is the most detailed piece in my gallery.
The reason behind creating this art was inspired by my own feelings and thoughts as I very much love to work along the planes of my dreams and emotions, hence giving it a visual touch.

5. What tools in Photoshop do you use mostly for your works?

A) There is no particular tool that I use widely. I mean it depends on the piece I am making, though I can’t do without the Brush Tool and the Dodge/Burn Tool.

emotional golden love rose smile portrait girl people light

The pain that she hides

6.What advice would you like to give to the students who are still new to the digital field?

A) The most important advice that I would like to give to amateur artists is firstly be passionate about art then to have a lot of patience because it certainly isn’t a smooth ride to the top, you’ll fail many times but let that not deter you to give up. Let nothing and no one make you give up on your passion for art.

autumn lonely melancholy sad emotion

A forgotten dream

Always keep on learning to widen your skills and imaginations.

And lastly but most importantly, always be humble. Don’t forget the path you walked on to reach to the top & don’t forget to remember that you were once a beginner too.